Breastfeeding is an intimate experience…

that provides the BEST NUTRITION for baby within the warm embrace of a mother’s arms. The decision you have made to breastfeed baby brings a lifetime of benefits to baby and to you! Sometimes a mother encounters problems breastfeeding. Her vision of what breastfeeding would be like, just doesn’t match the reality she is experiencing. It’s confusing to sort through all the advice and information that family, friends and even doctors give. An experienced lactation consultant understands the importance of meeting the needs of the breastfeeding mother and her baby.

As an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, registered nurse and midwife who has taken care of mothers and babies in Gainesville since 1984, I am dedicated to helping you resolve any breastfeeding issue you are experiencing so that you can enjoy breastfeeding baby. My extensive experience in lactation, includes counseling breastfeeding mothers in the community after birth, working as a clinical lactation consultant, in hospital, for the last 13 years and helping adoptive mothers to breastfeed. I am here here to help you achieve your breastfeeding goal, whether in my Gainesville office or your home. My gift to you is experienced, professional lactation care that recognizes the uniqueness of every breastfeeding mother and baby.


Reasons to call a Lactation Consultant


  • cannot latch-on to either or both breasts
  • won’t nurse without a nipple shield
  • isn’t gaining enough weight
  • is breastfeeding constantly, without satisfaction
  • is sleeping more than nursing during feeds
  • was premature at birth
  • is very fussy and gassy and spits up after breastfeeding
  • is making a clicking or extra sound during nursing


  • have cracked and bleeding nipples
  • dread to nurse because it hurts so much!
  • don’t have enough milk and want to increase your supply
  • have way too much milk!
  • notice a hard red area in your breast that hurts
  • are returning to work and need advice about pumping
  • had either breast enlargement or reduction surgery
  • want to nurse your adopted newborn
  • you were told to stop breastfeeding