About Hygeia Breast Pumps

The Hygeia Story

In 2007, a former breastfeeding industry executive, Richard Weston, and his wife, Maria, decided it was time for a change in the breastpump market. As both parents and professionals in the industry, Richard and Maria desired to create a breastpump that better met the needs of moms who were committed to breastfeeding for a long time and needed an affordable, hospital-grade quality pump for home and personal use. They also envisioned a pump that was more “Green” – one that would never end up in a landfill.

The couple decided to start a company called Hygeia, named after the Greek Goddess of health and wellness. The name was important, as the couple knows that breastmilk brings health and wellness to moms and babies.

The couple believed that a breastpump should be designed to improve the breastfeeding experience for mom. That’s why they designed a patent-pending C.A.R.E (Custom Audio Recording Experience) button that enables moms to record her baby’s cry or other sound and playback during pumping. They utilized piston technology, which mimics baby’s suckling ensures all pump parts that come in touch with breastmilk are BPA- and DEHP- free – offering peace of mind for breastfeeding moms worried about chemicals.

Richard and Maria also desired Hygeia breastpumps to be safe and economical for multiple users. The pumps they designed can be reused when each mother is using her own Hygeia Personal Accessory Set (PAS). They are mindful of the expenses involved with buying a breastpump and by making their pumps accessible to all; they are helping foster a better environment for breastfeeding.

Not only did the couple want a breastpump that was good for mom and baby, but also they set out to create a breastpump that was kind to Mother Earth. Hygeia breastpumps can be used by multiple users, meaning the pumps can be re-used, resold, and/or recycled when returned to Hygeia. Most other single use pumps end up in the landfills rather than getting re-used or recycled.

Hygeia has been recommended and trusted by the lactation community and has been featured in Fit Pregnancy, Mothering magazine and Examiner.com. The Hygeia EnJoye™ breastpump was a 2009 JPMA award winner as well. The company is based in the San Diego metro area.

Hygeia’s Mission

Our mission is simple: to support breastfeeding moms through and through. We believe that babies and families can benefit from breastfeeding, and we exist to help families achieve their personal breastfeeding successes.
To accomplish our mission, we embrace lactation professionals and their dedication to helping moms and babies to breastfeed. We proudly work with the lactation community to support increase breastfeeding initiation and duration.

What Makes Hygeia Different

Returnable – Unlike other manufacturers, our breastpumps are returnable within the first three weeks. We stand behind our products and are confident that we have the right pump type to meet moms’ needs.
True Hospital Grade Performance – Unlike other manufacturers, all our double breastpumps have the performance and hygienic features found in hospitals.
Ecological – Because our pumps are true hospital grade, they can be rented and shared between mothers who use their own pumping sets. Our commitment to the environment makes our pumps one of the “greenest” on the market. You can share your breastpump with another mom when you’re done or return it to Hygeia for recycling.
Support – Hygeia provides options for moms to obtain local support from a lactation consultant. Hygeia provides qualified referrals with trusted experts in local areas who can provide personal support.
Value – Hygeia makes hospital grade pumps that can moms can purchase or rent. Our pumps cost less upfront and are designed to be used for more than one baby. Other breastpump companies warrant their purchased pumps for only the first year. At Hygeia we’re proud to provide a 3-year warranty, yet another way we show our commitment to families.

Our Pledge to You

Hygeia is dedicated to increasing breastfeeding rates. We strive for a goal of “70/24” (70% of mothers breastfeeding for 24 months).

Knowing that most mothers currently breastfeed for only for a short period, often less than 3 months, Hygeia encourages a ‘rent first-then buy’ approach to breastpumps.

We believe that the Lactation Community, along with mother-to-mother support, is one of the key factors in extending breastfeeding rates. Hygeia listens to and supports Lactation Professionals who understand clearly that breastpumps are medical products and are merely another tool to be used to help the breastfeeding mom be more successful. Breastpumping should not interfere with breastfeeding but provide a means to maintain milk supply when mothers need to be separated from their child. Breastfeeding is always encouraged over breastpumping.

We make quality pumps and products for mothers. Our pumps incorporate a robust cylinder and piston design with some styles offering additional safety provided by a proprietary filter system. Hygeia pumps will always be marketed with integrity as we will endeavor to ‘do the right thing’ regarding satisfaction with our pumps. Our Total Compatibility Guarantee is an integral part of that effort.

Hygeia promises to be innovative in the creation of products and development of services that truly assist mothers and their caregivers.