avatar"As a first time mother I intended to breastfeed my baby. I was blessed to receive care, guidance, and knowledge from Teresa when we had difficulty early on. Gaby is now 14 months old and both baby and I still love breastfeeding. Thank you Teresa, for always being there for me and believing in me and Gaby."

Jessica & Baby Gaby
avatar"After breastfeeding my first child for a year, I expected to be a pro nursing my second child. But after three weeks of severe pain, I called Teresa. She made two home visits and did a wonderful job of improving my baby’s latch. I so appreciate that she was able to come to my home and save me from taking out a newborn and toddler in my sleep-deprived state."

Ruth Ann & Baby Ian
avatar"I just want to say ‘thank you so much’. Things are so much better now. It really, really helps… the better latch-on technique you showed me. It’s just awesome. Now I don’t dread breastfeeding!"

Stacey & Baby Luke
avatar"The challenges I faced with breastfeeding were tremendous! If it hadn’t been for Teresa’s assistance and encouragement, I probably would have given up. I was truly blessed to have been referred to her by our pediatrician so early on!"

Jules & Baby Stella
avatar"Dear Teresa,

I wanted to send along a brief update about our son, Henry. He born at home on Christmas Day and had started dropping weight as my milk didn't come in. Following your advice helped my milk come in and helped Henry put on the weight he needed. Now, at four months old, he's a thriving little boy. We just had our four-month checkup today and Henry weighs 16.5 pounds and is 27.5 inches long! He's healthy and happy, and we owe so much of that to you, for helping us get back on our feet after a bit of a rough start. I can't thank you enough."

Emily & Baby Henry
"My husband and I saw you back in March for our son, Noah, who was a newborn at the time. I just wanted to let you know that he is 10 1/2 months old now and he is such a great nurser. If you remember, it was such a struggle just to get him to nurse without a nipple shield. He loves to breastfeed and calls it "nah nah." As we approach his first birthday, people ask about weaning. We plan to let him wean himself.

Your kind words regarding my hospital transfer/c-section really resonated with me and were always something that I thought about as I recovered from the disappointment of not having had the birth that I wanted. Without you, it would have been all too easy to just cave to the pressure of giving him formula and I would have missed out on having a wonderful nursing relationship. Thank you so much!"

Jenna, Dana & Baby Noah
"I appreciate all of your help! I am still nursing my daughter, who is now 9.5 months old! Thank you for your advice......it worked perfectly. I couldn't have done it without your support. :) Thank you again for EVERYTHING!"

Kristy & Baby Cameron
avatar"Teresa was the wonderful help I needed to successfully nurse and bond with my baby! I first took her breastfeeding class at the former Birth Center of Gainesville, where I learned all about the natural progression of breastfeeding, and how I could work with my baby's instincts to satisfy her very first needs. Even so, I woke up after my C-section very unsure of myself -- I struggled with pain, discontinuing the nipple shield, and confidence. Teresa visited me at my little house and encouraged me to be consistent and patient - and she encouraged my husband right along with me. Here we are 8 months later with a great nursing relationship and a happy girl! Her professional and caring demeanor complement her wealth of knowledge, and I will continue to recommend her to all the new moms that I know."

Allison & Baby Cora
avatar"I think more mothers would attempt breastfeeding if they had the kind of support Teresa provides. Teresa has coached and encouraged me the entire way as I have breastfed my son. She always has a solution to our nursing struggles and is sensitive to my needs as a mother of 3. I know I would have gone crazy by now if it hadn't been for her constant support. She is making my goal of nursing my son attainable and because of that, she will always hold a special place in my heart."

Katie & Baby Ari
avatar"I will always be grateful to Teresa, her expertise, combined with her patience, were greatly valuable when teaching me how to overcome my difficulties to breastfeed my baby. Before having our son, my husband and I thought that breastfeeding was an automatic process, what could go wrong. However, after the baby was born we had a very stressful time, he was not latching correctly, and I was dealing with a low supply. We were very fortunate to get Teresa’s help to get a proper latch, and stimulate the milk supply. Thanks to her our baby boy, Alejandro, was able to receive all the benefits of breast milk. I highly recommend her to anyone who is about to have, or has just had a baby, she is the expert, and a wonderful person to work with."

Paula, Luke & Baby Alejandro
avatar"Teresa is amazing! She helped me several times during my first few months of this adventure called breastfeeding... I was dealing with low milk supply and Teresa gave me many tips to boost my supply and keep it up. I am a first time mom and was wanting very much to have everything run smoothly and do the best thing for my daughter. My daughter was losing weight because of my low supply and I was super stressed about it. Teresa was very strong and calming, and extremely knowledgeable. I did what she advised- which was a mixture of timed pumping and feedings plus herbs. I got my milk supply up and all was well... A couple of months later I developed a super large clogged duct in my breast. Painful! Teresa advised a remedy of heat, massage, feedings and pumping in conjunction with a supplement of Lecithin. Lecithin is a fat emulsifier and helps to break up the clogged milk in the duct so it can flow out. It worked! I actually felt the mass release...and all was well again and remains so today. Breastfeeding is still going great! Teresa is wonderful...my sweet pea Vivienne and I can't thank her enough."

Courtnee & Baby Vivienne
avatar"I am so fortunate to have received Teresa's support and guidance before and after the birth of my 12-week-old son, Ian. Through her prenatal breastfeeding class at the Birth and Wellness Center, private consultations, and her bimonthly new Mom and Baby group, Teresa has helped me to establish and maintain a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with Ian. And Teresa has given me the kind of nurturing and reassurance that every new mommy needs. Thanks so much, Teresa!"

Sarah and Baby Ian
avatar"I was having trouble with my son gaining weight from the time he came home from the birthing center. Being a first time mother, dealing with a moderate case of jaundice in a new born, along with nursing issues was all too much to take in. I contacted Teresa on day four after a significant drop in weight and she promptly decided to make a home visit that night. After evaluating my breast feeding techniques, she determined that there were a few issues at hand causing him to not gain weight properly. She corrected my feeding style, gave us pumping advice and followed up with calls to check our progress. Since then, our son has gained more than enough weight to catch up and his father and I feel much more secure with his health and well being. I would highly recommend Teresa to any family with concerns or to any first time mother who may be unsure of how to properly breast feed."

Christina & Baby Banjo
"We cannot thank you enough for all your help. You made such an AMAZING difference in not only our feeding experience but how my son and I relate to each other in general. I feel that I understand him so much better now. He is less fussy and gassy and has been smiling more than ever! THANK YOU soooo much! I found a YouTube clip from an Oprah show that Mrs. Dunstan appeared on which is very helpful and we have been learning our baby's language – It is so cool! Words truly cannot express our gratitude."

avatar"Teresa has been a miracle for us in our breastfeeding experience! After leaving the hospital with little breastfeeding assistance and a malnourished baby that was also jaundiced, Teresa came to the rescue. She arrived at our home within an hour of us asking for her help! She created a plan for us to get our baby's weight back up, and a system to help my milk come in well. Oliver's weight jumped quickly and we now have a healthy breastfeeding relationship, something that would have probably never happened without Teresa's expertise. I highly recommend her to any new moms who are having struggles, and also to those that aren't!"

Ashley & Baby Oliver
avatar"I began working with Teresa one week after my second son was born at home. I wish I had consulted with her after the birth of my first son, as she immediately provided me with the insight I needed to improve my and my baby's nursing situation. Teresa quickly became a member of my postpartum support system and in a short time I have come to feel as though she is my friend, in addition to being my lactation consultant. In addition to the home visits she provided me with, she developed a personal nursing plan for me and my baby, which has drastically improved how we nurse. My son is healthy and gaining weight, thanks to Teresa's guidance and support. Additionally, I am renting a hospital grade EnDeare Hygeia double electric breast pump from Teresa. Previously, I had been using the most "In Style" brand that comes in a backpack, and I must say, there is no comparison. Per pumping session, I am able, on average, to express double with the hospital grade pump, than I was able to with my high end name brand personal pump. The rental is worth every penny! Thank you Teresa, for all you have done and no doubt, will continue to do for my family. I appreciate you very much!"

Toni & Baby Abraham
avatar"Teresa is such an amazing lactation consultant. She has passion for her specialty and it shows when you meet her. My first child was fed exclusively expressed breast milk for 15 months!!! He was low birth weight, had a terrible time nursing, frenulum issues, colic....all around poor nurser so I relied on the Medela Pump and Style ($299) that I purchased and the Medala Hospital grade pump that I rented for ($70/month) in addition to going to several lactation consultation appointments (not with Teresa) When I got pregnant with my second child I knew that i wanted to exclusively breastfeed my daughter and pump during the workweek, but NOT pump exclusively 24/7. Teresa came recommended to me by a friend since she had the Hygia pump. This pump is great!!! Its more efficient, gentle on your breasts and the output is a LOT quicker. Teresa just didn't just rent me a pump. She was my cheerleader and my supporter for both breastfeeding and pumping. She spent plenty of time with me and my daughter on our initial visit to correct latch problems. Just recently, I had the issue that my daughter was refusing the breast.....Teresa gave me such wonderful tips that my daughter was right back on the breast in an hour after we talked. Teresa is a blessing to my family. Thank you, Valerie and Carolina"

Valerie & Baby Carolina
avatar"I met Teresa right after delivery in the hospital. She was the most patient and kind person, especially since I had twins! We worked together and she was a huge help. About a month after discharge I felt breastfeeding became painful. I immediately called her and she came over. Her expertise helped and she realized right away that one of my babies still had a tight lingual frenulum (tongue tie). She recommended we see a specialist, and she was right. It was negatively affecting his eating. Afterwards, the boys continued to eat well, until I had three medical issues occur within 10 days and my milk supply went down drastically. Again, Teresa came over to the rescue in less than 24 hours. I am happy to say that through a new routine, a hospital grade pump rental, a better diet, and some herbal supplements, we are back on track with feeding! I would never be where I am today without Teresa. Her service is beyond excellent, fees reasonable and the gratefulness of my husband, two boys, and myself will be everlasting!"

Stephanie, Baby Owen & Baby Noah
"I had been to see 3 other lactation consultants. They all made me feel as if there was something wrong with me, that I didn't know what I was doing. As a second time mom, I knew that what was happening was not normal and no fault of my own. My son had a tongue tie that was corrected, but there were still issues that needed to be addressed. Teresa was recommended to me by both my OB and my pediatrician. She is AMAZING. She was non judgemental, took time to watch me feed, and explained that my issues were not my fault and were fixable. She showed me how to feed my son to make him feel in control and also recommended massage and chiropractic for some other issues he was having. I am a healthcare provider and was skeptical, but desperate and willing to try anything to make my man more comfortable. I took him for massage and chiropractic care and followed Teresa's instructions - what I different baby after just one treatment of both. Teresa is wonderful and I can't recommend her enough!"

Shannon & Baby Holton
"With this being my first pregnancy, I was concerned about the increasing pain in latching and worried. Teresa came over to my home and helped me learn great techniques to help me fill my baby up. She gave so much detail and made sure my husband and I had all our questions answered. It was the first night I was able to get 3 hour stretches of sleep. I felt like a new person and so much more confident. HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services, especially in your own home."

Bryn & Baby

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